Best 11 cuisines in Canary Wharf

Best 11 cuisines in Canary Wharf


re you thinking of going out to eat with your family or friends? Are you looking for the right restaurant in Canary Wharf? The choices are really many, since in Canary Wharf there are restaurants of all different cultures, traditions and nationalities, and you can really find many different cuisines.

Are you more refined types of Japanese cuisine, or are you looking for very decisive tastes and prefer Italian cuisine? Do you favour an elegant luxurious French dinner or a traditional British cuisine? Do you desire to delight yourself with quality Argentine meat or do you prefer a spicy Mexican meal? In Canary Wharf there is this and much more.

Here for you the best 11 cuisines that you can find in Canary Wharf.


££££– Canary Wharf Station


he contemporary Japanese cuisine of Roka is from the Robata grill, which originates from the fishermen of the northern coastal waters off Japan.

When to visit? Roka is great for lunches and dinners.

Why choose it? You should go to Roka if you are looking for something refined but at the same time tasty. It is for every kind of event, ideal for families or for job meetings.


££££ – Canary Wharf Station


lateau serves contemporary and elegant French cuisines, with a good selection of wines and Champagnes from across the world.

When to visit? Plateau is perfect for lunches, brunches and dinners. 

Why choose it? You should choose Plateau if you are looking for a quiet, romantic and gallant place. Great also for families

3. ITALIAN CUISINE – Scarpetta

££££ – Canary Wharf Station


carpetta offers traditional handmade pasta, using ingredients direct from Italy. They serve Italian wines and cocktails and conclude every lunch or dinner with an authentic Italian espresso.

When to visit? Scarpetta is perfect for lunches and aperitifs.

Why choose it? If you love Italian cuisine and you would like to try an incredible handmade pasta, Scarpetta is the right place.


££££ – Canary Wharf Station


t Gaucho you will find the finest grass-fed beef in the world from Argentina, along with an offering of several other Argentine specialities.


When to visit? Gaucho is perfect for dinners

Why choose it? If you love steaks, the wide assortment of Argentine meat on the menu will excite you. Perfect for family dinners.


££££ – Canary Wharf Station


berica offers a wide selection of contemporary Spanish specialities. Tapas, fish-based meals and much more, cooked with passion.


When to visit? Iberica is ideal for lunches or dinners.

Why choose it? At Iberica there is really a vast choice that includes both meat and fish. It is perfect for Sunday lunches with your family.


££££ – Canary Wharf Station


he Ivy serves a truly complete menu, specializing in modern British cuisine but also offers great international seasonal dishes at any time of day.

When to visit? The Ivy is perfect for breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners.

Why choose it? If you like British cuisine The Ivy is one of the best restaurants not only in Canary Wharf, but also in London.

7. CHINESE CUISINE – Royal China

££££ – Canary Wharf Station


he most popular dishes of Royal China include Peking duck, steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onion, as well as giant prawns cooked with garlic and chilli.

When to visit? This restaurant is perfect for lunches or dinners.

Why choose it? Royal China is the right place for lovers of Chinese cuisine who appreciate high quality food, comfortable surroundings and a relaxing Asian environment.


££££– South Quay Station


t Goodman you can find the best American cuisine in Canary Wharf. Their speciality is the steak from the USA, accompanied by a vast assortment of quality wines. Beef ageing on site, six tonnes of it. Steaks cut every day and on request.

When to visit? Goodman is ideal for lunches.

Why choose it?  If a steak with a glass of wine is what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. The perfect place for the Sunday roast in the company of family or friends.


££££ – Canary Wharf Station


ahaca offers very quality Mexican dishes. The best Canary Wharf burritos and salads, served in the centre of One Canada Square, in magnificent Terrace Bars overlooking the amazing square.


When to visit? Wahaca is ideal for lunches and dinners..

Why choose it?  If you love Mexican food and you are looking for a spicy meal overlooking One Canada Square, Wahaca is the best place. Ideal for families or friends.

10. PUB FOOD – The Gun

££££ – Canary Wharf Station


he Gun is the most famous pub in Canary Wharf, which offers a wide assortment of foods to be enjoyed on the beautiful Thames views.


When to visit? It is ideal for lunches or dinners

Why choose it?  If you want to enjoy good pub food overlooking the Thames River then we recommend The Gun, one of the most renowned pubs in London. Ideal for a post-job or for a meal with friends.

11. PIZZA – Pizza Pilgrims

££££ – West India Quay


izza is pizza, so how could we not share one of the best Neapolitan pizza in Canary Wharf? You can find it at Pizza Pilgrims.


When to visit? It is perfect for lunches, afternoon breaks or dinners

Why choose it?  If you love pizza, Pizza Pilgrims is the best choice. Share it with your friends or your family.

Best 11 cuisines in Canary Wharf

Best 11 cuisines in Canary Wharf

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