Best breakfast places in Canary Wharf

Best breakfast places in Canary Wharf

Some people like to start their day reading, meditating, doing yoga or simply going for a run, but can you think of a better way to really kickoff your day than enjoying an amazing breakfast?

Experiment the smell of the fragrances of the hand roasted coffee beans, combined with the crispiness of the bacon, the freshness of the avocado or the delicate fluffiness of a stack of pancakes at the Breakfast Club and choose which one fits you the best.

@ Breakfast Club – Canary Wharf

– The Full Monty –

Bacon, sausage, Doreenʼs black pudding, home-style potatoes, creamy mushrooms, beans, tomato, eggs & toast

@ Notes Coffee Roasters – Canary Wharf

– Fresh fruit, yogurt & granola bowl –

Kiwi & berries served with yoghurt, granola & honey

Best places to have breakfast in Canary Wharf

Best breakfast places in Canary Wharf

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