3 best Yoga centres in Canary Wharf

3 best Yoga centres in Canary Wharf


re you looking for a yoga centre that helps you strengthen your body and soul and makes you feel less stressed after work? Would you like to try a brand-new experience but are you afraid not to live up? All you need to know is in this article.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline that originates in India and leads to happiness having plenty of positive effects. Enjoy the benefits of yoga postures, such as the sun salutation, and plunge into this suggestive meditation experience which involves “hot yoga” classes, restoring and dynamic yoga suitable to every level.

Are you ready to reach happiness, physical and emotional wellness?

Here are 3 yoga centres in Canary Wharf that could fit your needs.

Bikram Yoga

££££ – South Quay Station


et yourself be carried away by London’s flagship Bikram Yoga music beat express classes and challenge yourself with the intensive “hot yoga” style.

Yoga Creation London

££££ – Westferry Station


xplore restore and dynamic yoga classes with a fusion of different yoga traditions, including Ashtanga Yoga and then enjoy the pleasure of Ayurveda massages. Workshops available.

Yoga Therapy

££££ – Island Gardens Station


he principal specialized Hypnobirthing and birth preparation courses for mothers-to-be, providing the techniques to stay relaxed, even during the birth.

The best Yoga centres in Canary Wharf

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